Let's fight with technology against COVID-19


Who we are

SK Covid Hackathon is a mutual activity of Slovak volunteers consisting of medics, programmers and logisticians aimed at helping with dealing with the disease COVID-19. The reason for this activity is to offer modern technologies and help with communication in those places, where they can ease the fight and mobilize everyone who has the same aim. We focus on data availability, data analysis which eases detection of outbreaks of virus spreading and creation of intuitive applications for medical staff and speeding up the data transfer in hospitals.

What is our intention

Let’s fight with COVID-19 together!

Let’s unite our forces, knowledge and experience and provide help to those who need it the most. Our aim is to help the state and the public, but mostly support those who stand in the front line in the fight against the disease: health care professionals, hygienists and rescue workers.

Mostly, we are aimed at information communication technologies, development of new applications for medics and hospitals, but we welcome all new ideas and projects.

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How we can help

Realization of IT projects

Realization of reliable solutions for medics according to their requirements

Integration of systems

Integration of technological solutions and health-related medical systems

Optimization of support

Optimization of support and hotline services of health-care facilities and call-centers

Production of tools

Design and 3D printing of unavailable protective devices and tools for medical facilities


What projects we realize 

We currently communicate intensively with the state authorities about the best solutions, technologies or applications which could help hygienists, the Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic, medical staff or volunteers to manage the contagion. Our initiative contains many IT enthusiasts and specialists, who are willing to invest their time in developing needed smart applications of high-quality, that also respects privacy of users in a maximum way.

Triage App

Project started as a result of the acute requirement of medics for a simple and contactless solution how to register, manage and sort patients within sorting tents. The aim is to develop a simple web application that could use every patient at the entrance to the sorting tents. Once a new user is registered, the application will generate a specific identificator (QR code), which will be further used during the management of the patient and his or her blood sampling and evaluation of tests.

Presence App

Considering current personal problems in hospitals and the number of medics who need to stay in quarantine, hospitals need to correctly register arrival and departure of medical staff. Our aim is to find and deliver a simple contactless solution that enables such a registry.


What is the current situation


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